For measurecampers


Hi, I'm Hana.

After 6 years in a digital agency, I moved to freelancing as Data Consultant.

I transferred from web and mobile analytics to thinking about how to measure much harder things, such as impact or alignment with your company mission. I also exchanged Google products for Python for a while.

Do you measure engagement rates? Product scores? Customer satisfaction? How about something beyond that? What things matter and how to measure them? I would like to discuss it on networking breaks or you can schedule a call with me.

How can I help you?

  • I can offer feedback on your company processes. External opinion can always provide some new tips for improvements.

  • I'm interested in in-depth examinations on how your KPIs capture the really important goals, especially those expressed in your company's mission.

  • I can think with you or even offer a workshop to find some relevant and more precise metrics outside of the world of digital analytics. Beyond the clicks. My approach is based on Hubbard's book: How to measure anything.

If you're interested, you can schedule a meeting with me here:

Or see you at MeasureCamp Nordic!

My measurecamp experience

  • It started in September 2015, the first Measurecamp Czechia was held in our company in Prague and one of the organizers was my colleague Lukáš Čech.

  • We grew bigger, so next MeasureCamp in Prague, Czechia 2016 was held in Avast. My first talk there was about "Mobile apps measurement".

  • 2017. Another MeasureCamp in Prague, Czechia.

  • In 2018, there was a MeasureCamp in Brno, Czechia and I joined the organization team.

  • In 2019 I've been to awesome Measurecamp Amsterdam. (My story in Czech is here on Medium.) I've led a discussion session about "Communication on data projects".

  • There was also MeasureCamp in Prague :) I had a talk about "Firebase and BigQuery and DataStudio usage for Mobile App measurement" with my colleague, Leona. (Report in Czech here.)

  • In 2019 we visited Measurecamp Copenhagen. (You can read our story in English on Medium.) I've led a discussion session about "How to ask good questions you want to answer with data."

  • In 2020, I've been to Superweek. We also organized our next MeasureCamp in Brno. I had a talk about "Mistakes to avoid in data analysis" and "Summary of Superweek 2020".

  • In 2021, I was at my first virtual MeasureCamp: MeasureCamp North America.