Curious person with a background in data, project, event and people management. In love with Philosophy.

Current mission: Examining the ways how democracies fail and improving actionability of CZEA.

Work & Personal Projects

Unlocked achievements

  • I facilitated my first run of EA fellowship.

  • I finished my degree in Philosophy.

  • 12/2020 Finished passionately prepared semiannual PyData course to be free from vizualizations tools. Next run is starting soon. Join us!

  • I finished Oxford EA Fellowship to enhance my knowledge about cause prioritization, predictions, cluelessness and existential risks.

  • I had my sixth and seventh talk at MeasureCamp in Brno. One was about common mistakes in data interpretation, one about what I've learned at Superweek (improvised repetition, CZ only).

  • I had a talk about ethical theories at EA Deep Dive Meetup. It was quite successful, so I'm going to repeat it in Asia (Brno).

  • I had my fifth talk at MeasureCamp. This time about Firebase & BigQuery & DataStudio.

  • With my band, we published our first song with videoclip.

  • I spoke at conference DataRestart about communication at data projects

  • I finished training in didactics to transfer knowledge more effectively.

  • I improved my reading speed from 153 to 595 WPM to research more effectively.